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Holistic Women's Health Care

  • Gynecology Care
  • Paps and yearly physicals
  • Nutritional Consultations for optimizing health and energy
  • Hard to find alternative health advice and reccomendations
  • Premarital Examinations

  • Natural Family Planning
  • Holisitic Approach to PMS and Menopause
  • Infertilitv Consultation and Referral
  • Cervical Caps, IUD and Diaphragms

Our midwives advise women about their reproductive health, offering contraception and providing regular gynecological services including: yearly physical exams, breast and pelvic exams, and treat common deviations from normal, including PMS and some infertility counseling and testing. Our practice continues to offer comprehensive gynecological care by our Board Certified OB/GYN physician including evaluation and treatment of infertility, abnormal Pap Smears, menopause,pelvic pain, abnormal bleeding and menstrual irregularities, as well as complete gynecological surgery.

What is a Birth Center? Birth at Our Birthing Center

A birth center is a home-like building separate but within close proximity to a hospital. A Birth Center birth is generally more affordable than a hospital , and insurance coverage and other financial plans are available. A Birth Center features the comfort and relaxed atmosphere of home. You may give birth with loving family and friends present, and in a quiet or silent atmosphere.

The idea of a birth center is not new. From New York to California, birth centers - the American equivalent of the European maternity home - have been in existence for more than three decades, with a history of thousands of infants being born safely into an atmosphere of support and love. The Natural Birth and Women's Center follows this tradition.

A birth center blends safety with the comforts and relaxed atmosphere of home. It is designed specifically for the needs of the healthy woman looking for family centered, sensitive, safe care, and the best possible birth experience.

Each birth at the Natural Birth and Women's Center is a special delivery. It is an unrushed, fully anticipated process that takes place in a comfortable, familiar environment. There are no routine procedures in labor to take away from your dignity and control. Surrounded by those you love, and fully prepared, you are supported in making the best use of your own abilities in labor and birth. Support is tailored to needs of the mother. Throughout labor, you and your family will participate fully in decisions affecting you and your baby. Full use of water (Hydro Therapy), deep tubs, and showers are an option in labor and birth.

If it turns out that you need to be transferred to the hospital for any reason, we do this in thr safest,most comfortable way, and continute to provide the best possible support for you during your stay at the hospital, helping you make the right decisions. We will help you stay on top of the care and procedures offered to you, we'll even do our best to make sure your new infant recieves a Le Boyer Bath shortly after delivery!

Water Birth

Water is a well known, effective tool for relieving much of the pain in labor without the side effects of drugs. Some women desire the detraumatizing aspects of water for birth itself. The Natural Birth and Women's Center has special tubs designed for birth in water. Many women also choose to spend the first part of their labor in the tub for pain relief, but then deliver on our birthing bed or otherwise to insure their infant's first breath takes place outside of water. This may help prevent the diving seal reflex (the shunting of oxygen away from the vital organs), and helps get much needed atmospheric oxygen to your neonate in a timely manner!

Hospital Option

Natural Birth & Women's Center is committed to offering a wide range of services for in-hospital birth. For the woman who prefers hospital birth, we offer a well-established private coaching service,provide Professional Doulas to go with you to the hospital, and if that weren't enough, we provide care by physicians who support our Gentle Birth (TM) philosophy! We also offer augmenting care plans for families with HMO plans that do not cover nutrition in pregnancy or alternative methods of birth; therefore you can get coverage for our nutritional care and alternative birth methods. The decision to deliver in the hospital can be made at anytime. We can help with developing your individual birth plan. Births that take place in the hospital are assisted with the same philosophy of support and nonintervention. We can help you create a more supportive hospital environment, so your hospital birth can be wonderful.

Pregnancy and Post-Partum Massage

The benefits of massage during pregnancy include relaxation, lowering of blood pressure, waste removal, elimination of toxins, improvement of nutrition to the skin, and increased circulation, as well as an overall sense of well-being.

In addition to relieving the tension caused by a constantly changing pregnant body, massage can help the mother-to-be prepare for labor itself by having a positive touch memory of what her body can feel like, and therefore provide a positive focal point to focus on during the actual labor.

More information about our massage services.

Free Tours

You're invited! Call for an individual appointment to tour the Natural Birth and Women's Center. Our staff will meet with you, show you the Birth Center, and share our philosophy of birth. There is no charge for the visit, and no obligation of any kind. You should feel free to bring with you those family members or friends who will share in your decision making. Birth should be a healthy, successful, meaningful experience for mother, baby, and family - and our sole purpose is to assist you in achieving that goal.


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